Process & Product Development

Whether you’re looking to develop a product, create a new process, or optimize your existing process, we will work with you to create a custom solution.

If you are creating a commercialized activated carbon product, or are looking for one sorbent for a specific application, we are here to engineer the right solution for you. Through evaluation of the existing quality and economic viability of a utility’s process or product, we can engineer new activated carbons to improve emissions control and lower costs. We also use our extensive experience to partner with activated carbon manufacturers, working to maximize plant efficiency and broaden product offerings. Proof of process is provided through a continuous testing phase, ensuring that our solution meets your needs.

Activated carbon plants choose to partner with us for our ability to engineer non-corrosive, sustainably sourced activated carbons, and our deep industry knowledge of the overall activated carbon manufacturing market. We can work with you to improve your plant’s efficiency, design high quality sorbents utilizing waste byproducts, and commercialize your activated carbon products.



Activated Carbon Plants